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Your captain.
Your lake.

Howdy! My names Dale, I was born with a fishing rod in my hand on the lake. I love getting to see families enjoy themselves, all the laughs and smiles make for great days! I'd love to help you out anyway that I can to make sure your next visit is a memorable one!


Ice Hole Fishing Adventures is a new outfitting business on beautiful Pelican Lake, featuring rented ice fishing shacks and Sno bear adventures (fishing) in the winter months along with boat rentals in the summer months. Oour intention is to cater to all groups from the seasoned fisherman to families looking to enjoy the area and spend a day on the lake learning the art of ice fishing.



Pelican Lake is the largest navigable lake in south western Manitoba.  It is about 18 KM long and 1.6 km wide with a surface area of 27.8km.  Pelican Lake is relatively shallow with a mean depth of 3.8 meters and a maximum of 5.2 meters and holds 108 billion litres when the lake is at a surface water level of 412.

The lake has been a popular recreational area since the turn of the 20th century when trains brought visitors, cottagers and campers from Brandon and Winnipeg,  over the past several years there have been many committees involved in keeping the lake healthy with the addition of rock shoals for Walleye to reproduce eggs,  aeration fields have also been added to the lake in two locations to assist in maintaining oxygen levels within the winter months as well as maintain phosphates and nitrates throughout the entire lake.

Pelican Lake is one of Manitoba’s premier lakes for Walleye, pike and perch and we strongly promote catch and release of all trophy fish as well as all walleye within the conservation slot limit.  While travelling the lake please consult with a guide prior to your venture to discuss ice heaving as this can pose danger as the pressure on either side of the ridge can be unstable,  also please take time to discuss the safe limits of approach to the aeration fields that are situated in two locations within the lake.

We also suggest reading and understanding all regulations that are posted in the Manitoba Fishing Regulations prior to heading out on your fishing adventure as the conservation officers will stop by on regular visits, please have your fishing license on your possession at all times,  if you have any questions please speak to a guide or outfitter.



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